How to Apply Paint Protection Film in Car

In the early days, applying a paint protection film on the car was a job that only professionals like Tech Teinte could do, but now an easy “Do It Yourself” film is available that protects your paint just fine.

With a paint protection film like 3M Paint Defender, all you need to do is follow a simple step by step approach to apply your paint protection film with ease –

  1. Use Spray on/Peel off DIY protection film: It is expensive to go for a professional protection film. However, protection film is easy to use and you can peel it off when it gets dirty.
  2. Initial setup of the vehicle: The hood and the engine must be cool as the heat might not allow the self-leveling feature of the spray film to work and the spray between coats would force dry. Make sure the weather is cool and dry. Wash the car thoroughly and let it dry properly. Make sure not even one drop of water is left on the exterior. Finally pop the hood open and pry it at about 4 inches using a piece of wood.
  3. Waxing the Car: Spread the poly sheet on the car completely. Cover till the ground to make sure there is no overspray. Cut the poly from the grille to the bottom of the hood using scissors. Form a T cutout by cutting from right to left to the fenders. Tuck flaps under the hood and tape them to the engine to prevent them from moving while you spray. Make sure to secure the rest of the tape as well. Wax the car using the wax that came with the product. This is to make sure removal is easy.
  4. Spray the Protection: Now you can spray the protection one layer after another until the complete hood is covered. Once that is done, remove the tapered sheet and park the car in the sun to dry off the protectant. The protectant levels itself so don’t worry about unevenness while applying.

While it’s a face that the paint protection film applied by the professional lasts longer than the DIY paint protection film, but still applying it on your own car also gives you a sense of belongingness, which only the hardcore DIY car enthusiasts would understand.

And, if you are still unsure of any of the steps mentioned above, then I suggest you go for Tech Teinte like professionals who would give you a hassle-free job done.

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